Legal Separation in Virginia

Couples who divorce in Virginia can get divorced for reasons based on fault or no-fault reasons. No fault divorce grounds are for irreconcilable reasons with no intention of remaining married. The couples simply live apart for a year if there are minor children and a valid property agreement. If there are no children and a … Read more

How to get a restraining order lifted in VA

In order to lift a protective order or a restraining order from someone in VA, you will need to make sure that you contact an experienced attorney to help you out. The attorney will obviously ask you a series of questions and might even require a lot of evidence before they can proceed with the … Read more

Henrico VA Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury cases have become quite common in the Commonwealth of Virginia due to the negligence or carelessness of the accused parties. In case you have suffered injuries in an auto accident, then what should you do now? According to reliable Henrico VA personal injury lawyers, it is important that you seek medical attention as … Read more

Divorce Lawyers In Virginia

In a separation, a standout amongst the most fervent issues is property division. While one life partner might be sure that a specific car or a bit of property is his or hers, the other mate may deviate, giving proof that he or she made changes to it or installments on it. The division of … Read more

Attorney Maryland

‘Who wins custody of your children?’ This is typically one of the most challenging questions to explicitly answer during a divorce or separation matter. Irrespective of what people usually believe that the mother is always favored to obtain child custody, the law in commonwealth of Maryland is optimally neutral thus does not, in any way, … Read more

Drug defense lawyers in Virginia

In the event that you have been accused of an offense or crime medicate charge, you confront serious punishments that can influence your life for a long time to come. An experienced drug defense lawyer can help. We have been speaking to clients in the state and federal criminal courts of Virginia for more than … Read more